solfkimbleed: "--of course, Sir. My apologies for the delay."

solfkimbleed: "I would really prefer if the three of us had a chance to speak about the circumstances"

"It can wait. I won’t say it again, Kimblee."

solfkimbleed: "Of course, Colonel Mustang. I understand entirely, sir. You must be quite worried about her, as am I. I'll be joining you upon your visitation. You can not keep me from seeing /my/ subordinate."

"You’re right. But as far as bonds go, I am allowed my privacy, she’s an old friend, military aside. You can sit outside of the room, major.” 

solfkimbleed: "Ah, but Colonel-" He has to choose his words carefully, remembering that Mustang has yet to be wrapped around his fingers. A palm clutches at the others shoulder, a friendly grin plastered to his face. "I've been eager to catch up with you, surely you can spare a few minuets for a former comrade? I don't think Miss Hawkeye will mind."

    “I’m sure it can wait.” With a sigh he pushes through the first set of double doors, keeping his pace quick in an attempt to shake the annoyance that flanked him. Though soon after, the pressure on his shoulder causes him to slow to a stop.

   ”Whatever you have to say can wait until after i’ve seen my former subordinate. It isn’t a matter of whether or not she minds. It’s the fact that I do. Now, if you’ll excuse me, Solf.” 

You guys are all enablers

solfkimbleed: "Mustang-" He enters without welcome, the air turning cold upon his arrival. "-I was just on my way to see eliz- Miss hawkeye. Care to join me? Perhaps I can treat you to lunch on our way over, hm?"

    “My apologies, Major.” Roy says, stepping past and ahead of Kimblee, “But I arranged to see the Lieutenant alone.  As for lunch, I’ll have to take a rain check.” 

theuncagedqueen: [pouting because her clip broke and now she has to spend all day with her hair down]

[ creams his pants ] 

theuncagedqueen: [sneaky smooches at lunch]

     ”—-and there’s pudding today. Happy birthday to me.” 

theuncagedqueen: [semi-coherent grumbling about blanket-thieving boyfriend]

           ”You’d be warm if you stopped kicking me.”