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Anonymous: Here's one: Why'd you chicken out from telling Ed the truth about Hughes's death? You'd never treated him like he couldn't handle something before. Did you just go soft or something? Did your conversation with Major Armstrong about Ed and how he may be forced to do horrible things as a state alchemist have some effect on your demeanor around him?

             ”As a soldier—-and as a human being, I think I can judge when someone might’ve heard enough. You’re right, I haven’t treated him like he couldn’t handle something on his own, but there are some things people just shouldn’t handle. And Elric wasn’t ready to hear it.

            Between the research they were seeking and everything else going on at the time, who would I be to pile on even more of a burden. Even if he is just a runt, he’s still my subordinate, and I think that puts me in charge of how much his workload will consist of—-mentally, or otherwise.” 

           Roy shrugs, “Hmph, but as a point to that last statement, I can easily say nothing anyone does can force Fullmetal into something. It doesn’t work for the military, but that’s Edward Elric for you.”  

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ask if they regretted something or wanted to do something else, ask what they were thinking when they did something, ask what they think of another canon character. ask.

What was that trope I saw on a graphic??? “Berserk button” YOU FUCKING PUSHED IT.

shhh bb don’t be angry. 

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