—was raped.

     —don’t know what I’m doing.

          —need you to save me from this.  From him.


Quiet too long, and he’s going to worry, and she can’t let him worry, and she needs to get it under control.

"—I hope you’re not slacking without me there."


"Of course not, Elizabeth."

       ”Wouldn’t dream of it. Just missing hearing from you is all.”


"I think this is the longest we’ve gone without speaking or seeing each other in years."


"I miss you."

"I miss you, too."

     ”And Hayate’s fine. Misses his owner but—fine.”



"—If something happened.  I remember."

     Something happened.

"But—nothing happened.  I just… wanted ask how Hayate is."

"It never hurts to check in. You had me worried."



"Ah, I would love to, see. But the Fullmetal Alchemist finds himself indisposed at the present time. I’ve made sure to keep him busy. I know the young do not favor sitting around. But I’d be more than happy to pass on whatever message you have for him.”

"It’ll only take a moment, Solf."

       Just a word—-that’s all he needs. 

"If you know him as well as I do, he could use a little slacking off. Now put him n the line."



     Just a few seconds—just enough to hear his voice.

"First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, calling for Colonel Roy Mustang."

"I told you to call me."



          “Just checking in…” He repeats in a whisper, eyes immediately darting to wear the Lieutenant sat at a desk, engrossed with the paperwork before her. Most likely doing everything she can to forget last night. He lets her.

          “Well, I’m flattered you feel the need to check up on me. Really.The concern is appreciated. But it’s not needed, Colonel. I have other matters to attend to besides wasting time and breath on a meaningless phone call.”

                  “What do you want, Colonel? What would you like me to say?” 

"Actually, if I could, i’d talk to Fullmetal." 

      Keep the conversation going at least, even if Kimblee didn’t pass the phone over, his tone would give him some hints. “I have a few things to tell him about the work he left behind in Central.”


Amidst the shuffling of his men and the disarray of paperwork upon his desk, he hears the phone ring. Though no move is made to answer it.

"Sir, it’s for you-"

"Who is it? I’m busy."

"…they, didn’t say."

A long sigh and a roll of the eyes. He was getting quite popular these days.


"Major Solf J. Kimblee speaking. Who’s this?"

"Colonel Roy Mustang."

      He isn’t even sure what made pick up the phone, a gut feeling maybe—but certainly nothing tangible to go off of. “Just checking in.:”

"Major Solf J. Kimblee, please."

        I’ll put him through….

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